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Welcome to the future of internal audit management.

Audit management involves the systematic planning, execution, and oversight of audit processes to ensure compliance, accuracy, and efficiency. It includes defining audit objectives, scope, and criteria, and developing audit programs that outline key questions, evidence requirements, and data collection methods.

Effective audit management helps organizations identify inefficiencies, improve operations, and meet regulatory requirements, ultimately supporting transparency, accountability, and trust in financial and operational practices

Our comprehensive compliance platform is designed to revolutionize how your organization conducts audits, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and alignment with regulatory standards.

Real value of the Regulativ Audit Platform

Our internal audit management compliance platform offers a multitude of benefits aimed at enhancing your organizational efficiency and integrity. They streamline compliance processes, significantly reducing manual tasks and the potential for human error, thus freeing up resources for strategic initiatives. These platforms ensure regulatory compliance, mitigating the risk of fines and reputational damage by keeping organizations updated with regulatory changes. Enhanced reporting efficiency is achieved through centralized data management, simplifying the generation of accurate reports. Risk management is improved by identifying and mitigating potential risks proactively. Increased transparency is fostered, capturing and reporting incidents to build trust within the organization. Overall, these platforms transform compliance into a strategic advantage, promoting a culture of ethical performance and risk-aware decision-making.

Reduce Audit Review Time by 90%

Dramatically decrease the time spent on audit reviews, allowing your team to focus on strategic analysis and decision-making. Decrease audit issue resolution time by 58% by accelerating the resolution of audit issues, enhancing your organization's responsiveness and agility.

Drive Risk-Based Audits

Leverage our platform to conduct agile, risk-based audits aligned with your organizational goals, ensuring comprehensive risk management and better assurance.

Gain Real-Time Visibility

Achieve unparalleled visibility into potential opportunities and areas for improvement through a systematic issue remediation process, supported by intuitive dashboards and real-time access to audit data.

Enhance Productivity and Collaboration

Our platform promotes agility and collaboration across teams, optimizing audit productivity and resource allocation based on risk impact. Save 50% on the costs associated with audit follow-ups, reallocating resources to areas that drive business performance.

Be a Trusted Advisor

Align audits with strategic imperatives, objectives, and risks, providing timely and reliable insights that promote business performance and preserve stakeholder trust.

Audit Management Automation

Discover the key features and benefits that set our platform apart.


Streamlined Audit Planning & Scheduling

Facilitates the creation of detailed audit plans, schedules, and checklists, ensuring effective resource allocation.


Automated Workflow

Reduces manual effort through automation of task assignments, notifications, and reminders.


Centralized Document Management

Acts as a secure repository for storing, organizing, and managing workpapers, evidence, and reports.


Efficient Issue Tracking & Remediation

Enables timely resolution and continuous monitoring of corrective actions, promoting accountability.


Enhanced Collaboration & Communication

Fosters seamless interaction between audit teams, stakeholders, and auditees.


Insightful Reporting & Analytics

Provides comprehensive reports and dashboards for a clear view of audit progress, findings, trends, and compliance status.


Seamless System Integration

Supports easy integration with other systems for enhanced data accuracy and process efficiency.


Compliance with Standards

Ensures adherence to audit standards and frameworks, such as ISO 19011.


Framework Analysis & Mapping

Analyzes regulatory frameworks applicable to the business and maps overlaps for efficient compliance.


Data Analytics for Gap Analysis

Guides through a gap analysis to identify and address control shortcomings.


Tracking Remediation Work

Allows for tracking progress on fixing controls, implementing new policies, and adopting new processes.


Real-time Status Tracking

Provides real-time tracking of compliance engagement status, significantly reducing manual status checks.

System & Data Integrations

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Ease of use is a primary objective. Our user-friendly platform facilitates quick adoption by auditors, managers, and other stakeholders involved in the audit process, reducing the learning curve and training requirements.

Our audit management platform will accommodate your business growth and handle increasing audit volumes. You can be sure that the platform will adapt to your evolving needs and that it offers customization options to align with unique audit processes and workflows.

Our platform integrates with other systems used within the organization, such as document management systems, or risk management software. Seamless integration can streamline data exchange, eliminate manual data entry, and enhance overall efficiency.

When dealing with sensitive internal controls information, you will want assurance that your information is securely managed and protected. Data security measures, compliance with data protection standards, encryption and user access controls are all in place, tested and certified. See our trust centre for more information.

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