JOINS Cyber runway joins Cyber Runway. The largest cyber startup accelerator in the UK and one of the most diverse community of cyber founders in the country. The new cohorts are solving challenges like ransomware, cyber fraud, cyber-physical threats to critical national infrastructure, cloud security, improving threat intelligence and boosting education using emerging technologies such as AI, quantum and cloud security. 45% of Cyber Runway members are female-led start-ups and 52% are run by founders from Black and minority backgrounds.

REGULATIV ANNOUNCES STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP WITH BIRLASOFT and Birlasoft to Co-Develop AI-Led Cybersecurity Assessment Platform for Global Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Customers​​
The co-development of an AI/ML-based industry-revolutionizing platform will help customers streamline and automate their cybersecurity regulatory assessment and reporting, leverage the power of new-age digital technologies, deliver significant cost savings, and near real-time view of compliance to cyber regulations, as well as rich analytics.​
Jinal Shah, CEO, said, “We are excited to be working together on a joint platform in partnership with Birlasoft. is transforming the cybersecurity reporting function across regulated industries. We have created a lightning-fast, scalable, and cost-efficient governance platform using leading-edge AI technologies. Our innovative multi-cloud platform will significantly streamline cybersecurity self-assessment processes.
View the Press Release Selected in CYBERTECH100 announced on June 8, that it has been selected as a member of global CYBERTECH100 2021, from a field of over 1,000 companies. This recognition underscores the importance of the company’s technology platform to regulated sectors (Financial, Health-care, Aviation, Defence, Non-profits) addressing increasing cybersecurity regulatory compliance challenges.  CYBERTECH100 identifies the 100 most innovative global companies that every financial institution needs to know about when they consider and develop their information security and financial crime fighting strategies.
CYBERTECH100 recognizes those who have used innovative technology to solve a significant industry problem or to generate cost savings or efficiency improvements across the security value chain. The list aims to help senior executives and cybersecurity professionals evaluate which technology solutions have market potential and are most likely to succeed and have a lasting impact on the industry.   The standout companies were selected by a panel of industry experts and analysts who reviewed a study of over 1,000 CyberTech companies that was undertaken by FinTech Global.
2021 CYBERTECH100 List is found here Automation and Intelligence Platform

A single platform that provides data management, and automated narrative generation for cyber-regulations across all sectors; financial services, critical infrastructure, pharma and defence. Automation and Intelligence Platform, collects data from multiple sources with its integration plugins, using latest AI techniques and NLP generates reports as well as narratives for any submissions or internal reporting and has connectors to make your final disclosures or regulatory reporting.  

The platform standardises, optimises and automates all processes from data gathering, security posture assessment and compliance reporting to regulators, auditors and internal governance boards, achieving time and cost savings of up to 80%.

Regulativ.AI Launches
beta programme launches its Beta programme for core AI and data platform.  Commencing in May 2021, the programme is open to clients and partners who want to evaluate our early stage Beta product and to help fine-tune the product to meet your specific needs.  
Come and talk to us to find out how you can participate in the Beta programme and access preferential pricing should you wish to use the software going forward.  
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uk asean
fintech series was selected by the UK Department of International Trade to participate in the UK-SE Asia FinTech Series from November 2020 to March 2021. Focusing on five key ASEAN markets; Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and forging strong relationships with local financial institutional clients, supervisory bodies and FinTech associations. is one of a very strong group of UK FinTechs representing the best of British innovation abroad; we are proud to promote our cutting-edge technology to these ASEAN markets. This opportunity enabled to showcase its solutions and engage in progressive discussions with regulators, clients and partners around the definition of cyber security policies, enforcement and compliance across regulated industry sectors.  We see a significant opportunity for these countries to upgrade cyber security regulatory compliance capabilities for the benefit of their citizens and all companies that operate there.