Solutions Financial Services

Financial Services has become increasingly regulated over the past decade and this trend is now accelerating in the cyber security domain. Cyber crime damages are measured in the trillions and regulatory fines in the millions. The platform is transforming the way Financial Services address their Cyber Security Regulatory needs. Regulators are imposing new regulations at pace to help increase the cyber resilience of Financial Services firms and to protect their customers. Financial Services removes the regulatory pain from the over-worked CISO and ensures that you are on the front foot with your regulatory requirements. is configured for cyber regulations and directives from financial regulators worldwide and optimises the end-to-end process of data gathering, assessment and reporting. The solution provides an AI driven automated process whereby the CISO organisation can monitor in real time their compliance per jurisdiction and regulator. Pharmaceuticals

Covid-19 has made pharmaceutical companies a prime target. Nation state sponsored attacks and commercially driven espionage, to steal valuable research, have both increased massively in 2020. CISOs within the pharmaceutical industry are on the front-line, typically are stretched and under significant time pressure. provides the perfect companion to the Pharma CISO by aggregating all cyber related data points, automating the reporting and providing peace of mind to the CISOs in terms of internal governance and external regulatory reporting. works with regulators around the world to provide a comprehensive view of their cyber defences to multiple regulatory bodies. Aviation and Defence

Critical infrastructure has been under increasing attack, typically from nation-state actors. There has been a surge in sophisticated disruptive attacks, infrastructure penetration, often via third-party software providers. More regulations are being imposed in an effort to protect these critical resources. The Aviation and Defence solution optimises internal processes to give a comprehensive view of critical risks and facilitate easy compliance with external reporting requirements. Aviation and Defence provides a consolidated view of all applicable regulations and a consistent view of security posture based on the latest available data. The solution takes care of all regulatory assessments securely which reduces the CISO organisation's effort consumed in managing and preparing reports, in turn saving millions and reducing up-to 80% of the time spent. Cyber Insurance

Cyber security damages are estimated to have exceeded $2 trillion in 2021 and are increasing relentlessly. Much of this risk is uninsured. There is a clear and significant gap between total risk and available insurance cover. The major reason for this gap is the poor availability and visibility of industry loss data, reliable external cyber ratings and crucially transparency over internal cyber posture data. Insurance providers are rightly concerned about evolving risks and liabilities. is working with the insurance industry to provide a solution that supports carriers and underwriters in providing cover with the full knowledge of the cyber security posture of the client which means the client gets the right cover at the right price. Ongoing data transparency helps both client and provider monitor and improve controls which enables the provider to dynamically adjust cover and premium.
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